Farming is always a learning experience, and one of the first things we're learning: Dairy goats aren't the best meat goats!  They just don't have enough of a carcass to give the customer the best "bang for the buck".

So, we've shifted over to a dedicated meat goat line to our farm offerings.  Myotonic, or fainting, goats have an excellent reputation as a high quality meat goat with an excellent flavor.


Introducing Fawn, our myotonic doe.  She's a yearling doe that has already birthed successfully once, so we have high hopes for her here on our farm. 

(Update: Fawn came to us with a lethal level of liver flukes from an unscrupulous breeder.  We lost her after an exhaustive 10 day roller coaster of a battle of ups and downs, new medications, and a whole lot of effort shortly after her arrival on our farm.)



Albert joined our farm in mid-November, 2014 at 4 months old and quite spoiled, his all time favorite thing in the world is his grain and if he's not fed first he'll complain loudly until he is finally fed.  He's got quite the personality to him and beautiful coloring and breed conformation.


September, 2015. Albert and Emily, our Alpine doe, getting their treat.  There's very little these goats won't do for animal crackers. Albert's horns have really started to come in by the time this picture was taken.

On June 14, 2015 Emily had her first kid, Lou.  We decided to wether Lou and keep him as a herd companion for Emily and Albert after we had butchered out the rest of the Alpine and Saanan goats to make way for the future breeding Myatonic does we'll be getting.

July 7, 2015, at a little over a month old Lou has already decided that he prefers to spend his time as a free range goat rather than staying in the pasture with Emily and Albert.



Lou at 6 months old, still a free spirit!